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So many Ableton Live iPad controller apps, so little time!

I’ve been getting quite a number of emails from users interested in using their iPad or iPhone as a controller for Ableton Live but confused about all the app options. I thought it would be interesting to explain in one … Continue reading

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Happy 2011!

Happy new year. So the parties are over and the Liine machine is now running at full speed to bring you the best new music and music control apps in 2011. The last month of 2010 saw the release of … Continue reading

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Test tubes are bubbling over …

The past month has been especially busy with multiple ongoing projects at Liine, catering to both music professionals and fans alike! Recently, we’ve let some news out about Liine’s first in a series of very special music apps, Remiix. Featuring … Continue reading

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Goodbye JazzMutant

Yesterday JazzMutant announced the end-of-life of the truly revolutionary Lemur controller. This company were leaders in our music technology world and created a product that was years ahead of its time. I remember the day I received my new Lemur nearly 5 … Continue reading

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Konkreet Labs demo in Berlin…

This week the Liine team went to a really interesting public demo event in Berlin. Why Berlin is such a hotbed for music touch control at the moment I don’t know but this looks really great! Konkreet Labs have come … Continue reading

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Granular Synthesis on the iPad

Part of the Liine team are working with a well known UK techno producer on a top secret new music/art project. One of our immediate goals has been to find a way to integrate granular synthesis in Ableton Live and … Continue reading

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Eliss – aesthetic inspiration

Today an insight into something which has influenced Griid‘s aesthetics. Sometime last year when my iPod Touch was brand new I downloaded a cool yet super-abstract game called Eliss. The game features coloured circles which can not be allowed to … Continue reading

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Hello from Liine

Well hello, and welcome to our blog. Things have been absolutely crazy since those first iPads arrived at the door back in April (and much before that too to be honest). After the excited unboxing and first play with what … Continue reading

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