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Griid / Miixer tutorial – High resolution Ableton Live controller

This little video shows you exactly what the Miixer module can do. Put on your headphones and enjoy the groovy beats! Find out all the details about Griid – the iPad Ableton Live controller app Advertisements

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How to control the controller – Griid for Ableton Live and iPad gets documentation

The Griid (and Griid Pro) manual is finally out there. No more will you wonder how to open the clip editor or where exactly is the stop all button! Download the Griid user guide and get the most out of … Continue reading

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So many Ableton Live iPad controller apps, so little time!

I’ve been getting quite a number of emails from users interested in using their iPad or iPhone as a controller for Ableton Live but confused about all the app options. I thought it would be interesting to explain in one … Continue reading

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Virtual patching

I must admit I was skeptical about Korg‘s iPad offerings when they came out with the iElectribe. Any doubt evaporated yesterday when I eagerly downloaded iMS-20 the moment it was released. I’ve never owned a modular synth, but this is … Continue reading

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Kapture released / Thoughts on custom software development

The Kapture Max for Live plug-in developed alongside Richie Hawtin for his Plastikman Live tour was released, in association with Minus, today. Putting the release package together got me thinking about the development process we went through last February. There are … Continue reading

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Bebot the iPad crooner

A friend of mine recently pointed me in the direction of a very cute music app called ‘Bebot‘. People can be very categorical with apps and music software in general, either they fall in the toy or the tool category. … Continue reading

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Granular Synthesis on the iPad

Part of the Liine team are working with a well known UK techno producer on a top secret new music/art project. One of our immediate goals has been to find a way to integrate granular synthesis in Ableton Live and … Continue reading

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