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Steve Ferlazzo (Avril Lavigne Band) testing out Griid

Steve Ferlazzo, keyboardist for the Avril Lavigne band, is using Griid Pro on his iPad to control Ableton Live. He was kind enough to send us in a picture of his first test setup as he and the band are … Continue reading

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Happy 2011!

Happy new year. So the parties are over and the Liine machine is now running at full speed to bring you the best new music and music control apps in 2011. The last month of 2010 saw the release of … Continue reading

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Goodbye JazzMutant

Yesterday JazzMutant announced the end-of-life of the truly revolutionary Lemur controller. This company were leaders in our music technology world and created a product that was years ahead of its time. I remember the day I received my new Lemur nearly 5 … Continue reading

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Konkreet Labs demo in Berlin…

This week the Liine team went to a really interesting public demo event in Berlin. Why Berlin is such a hotbed for music touch control at the moment I don’t know but this looks really great! Konkreet Labs have come … Continue reading

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Cadenza boss Luciano performing with Griid

Cadenza boss Luciano rocking Vagabundos Ibiza with Griid, iPad and Ableton Live this summer… P.S. Remember that now Windows users can enjoy Griid control of Ableton Live too…

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Windows support for Griid is here. Fire up your PC and Ableton Live now!

The celebrations continue…. Last week we celebrated our new collaboration with LiveControl. Now our PC friends can also join the party. Griid is now fully PC compatible. See what Mac users have been raving about and enjoy powerful, professional control … Continue reading

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Competition: Liine welcomes LiveControl

Here at Liine, we’re super excited to welcome Stuart Fisher of LiveControl fame as part of the team. You can read the press release here but if, like us, you’re too excited to read all about it then pop open … Continue reading

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Touchable holograms – the future of software interfaces?

At Liine we’re currently working on the next steps for Griid, thinking about its future as the ultimate touch controller for Ableton Live on iPad and iPhone. The fact that devices like the iPad are now affordable and accessible to … Continue reading

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A peek into Liine’s laboratory…

Plastikman Live. The hi-tech laboratory and extreme stress-test for prototypes and experiments. Ableton Live – check, Max for Live – check, iPads – check, Griid – check. All systems go!

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Tales of Music and the Brain

I’m sure most people reading this are fascinated by music and the fact that is so evocative. More then simply the auditory sense, these configurations of sounds and tones, rhythmically arranged can convey emotion, bring back memories, keep you up … Continue reading

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