Happy 2011!

Happy new year. So the parties are over and the Liine machine is now running at full speed to bring you the best new music and music control apps in 2011.

The last month of 2010 saw the release of two exciting new Liine products:

Remiix Plastikman Replikants allows music fans to remiix, combine and transform music by Richie Hawtin’s legendary Plastikman alter-ego. It’s first in a series of Remiix apps which we’ve lined up with some incredible artists.

Cliip, the groundbreaking new module for Liine’s flagship Ableton Live controller, Griid, finally lets you get INSIDE the clip. It’s the only iPad controller that lets you seamlessly edit MIDI clips. Hugely inspirational in the studio or live on stage.

Here is just some of the early feedback from our users on Twitter and iTunes…


“Just tried out Cliip. Now picking up the few remaining fragments of my mind…” – liamdunne, Twitter

“This #Griid app is just amazing. I guess I won’t have to travel with heavy sh** anymore. Goodbye cables, dc adapters and all that…” – 2nddisc, Twitter

“the midi clip editor is a total game changer” – Djfrank99, iTunes Canada

“Griid + Cliip + LiveControl = The  best iPad controllers that lets you edit,control and create music with ableton live 8.2.”  – Shedo’s music, iTunes Belgium

“Eine elegantere Lösung zur Kontrolle der DAW von Ableton werden Sie nicht finden. Mit dem Aktuellen Update (Cliip […]) macht diese bemerkswerte App einen großen Schritt nach vorne!” – LordDread, iTunes Germany


“@rhawtin Remiix is THE best iPhone app. Ever! Been just grooving for past hour. Genius.” – Naughtyaudio, Twitter

“My mind is frickin blown by the Remiix Plastikman Replikants app! If you haven’t yet Download it now!!!” – Midgelette, Twitter

“This app gives us a glimpse of a future where all music will be interactive and “making music” will be as easy & fun as cooking a cup of tea.” – Samim 23, iTunes Switzerland

“As a big dance music lover this app really presses my buttons, amazing when you plug into a soundsystem / headphones – those guys have really packed a powerful music machine behind a very clean & intuitive interface. Probably my favourite app at the moment :)” – Jaz1234567890, iTunes UK

“en unos minutos te parecerá que estas en pleno directo de Plastikman!” – Knedo, iTunes Spain

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