Test tubes are bubbling over …

The past month has been especially busy with multiple ongoing projects at Liine, catering to both music professionals and fans alike!

Recently, we’ve let some news out about Liine’s first in a series of very special music apps, Remiix. Featuring Richie Hawtin’s Plastikman (no 1 in Resident Advisor’s 10 Top Live Acts of 2010 and no 2 in their 100 Top DJs of 2010) as the first in a series of Remiix artists, stay tuned for some top notch interactive music on your iDevices! Have a little preview by checking the XLR8 feature and keep an eye on the upcoming Remiix website (http://remiix.net)!


On the Griid side of things, exciting new things are down the road. Can you guess the first of these from the mysterious cropped screenshot below?


As always, at Liine we are focused on innovative controller interfaces that use multitouch in the way that multitouch does best. I’m sure this new module will be lead to some serious sparks of creativity in studios and stages around the globe.

Of course, this is absolutely not the bottom line (no pun intended), we’ve got a lot more coming down the pipeline too!

Until then if you are up for some interesting reading, check out the Liine coverage in the past two Future Music Magazines. The November edition contains a review of Griid, the Ableton Live controller for the iPhone and iPad. The December edition has a full feature on Plastikman Live with interviews with Richie Hawtin, including notes about his use of Griid has a live performance tool and other Liine creations such as Kapture, a Max for Live device that acts as a total recall for your plugin parameters, an invaluable tool that fills in a big gap in anyone’s Ableton Live set (included on the covermount  DVD and downloadable here).


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