Virtual patching

I must admit I was skeptical about Korg‘s iPad offerings when they came out with the iElectribe. Any doubt evaporated yesterday when I eagerly downloaded iMS-20 the moment it was released.


I’ve never owned a modular synth, but this is the next best thing. I’ve tried editing modular emulations on the computer, and clicking around with the mouse to patch the cords is very tedious. Doing the same thing with multitouch is a world’s difference. It’s quite an achievement that something as physical as a modular synth actually translates well onto a touch screen! The interface is a pleasure to use, and they even implemented the zoom function I was hoping for.

Beyond the ease of us, I am seriously impressed by the sound quality. The sounds are crisp, raw, dirty and very satisfying. I highly recommend this to anybody with an interest in analog synthesis, whether you’re an old pro or just getting into synths for the first time and want to learn what it’s all about.

You can pick up your own virtual Korg MS-20 here.

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