Kapture released / Thoughts on custom software development

plastikman-kapture-max for live-minus-liine

The Kapture Max for Live plug-in developed alongside Richie Hawtin for his Plastikman Live tour was released, in association with Minus, today. Putting the release package together got me thinking about the development process we went through last February.

There are two common mistakes people can make when coding in Max. Either you spend too much time reproducing functionality that already exists in another software, or you spend too much time extending the patch, adding functions and it all becomes too complicated to use.

One of the interesting things about developing Kapture was how clear the needs were, and how short the deadlines were. The needs were very clear as the whole Ableton Live set for Plastikman Live was already nearly complete and ready to go. The deadlines were very short as the premiere was coming up soon at Timewarp. Developing software in these conditions is very challenging, but also very rewarding. We literally did not sleep for several days at the “dress-rehearsal” in Mannheim, squeezing in beta testing (and fixing!) of Kapture between sonic blasts and mesmerising video calibrations and tests. Coding while your ribcage is rattling to bass is quite an experience!

Kapture isn’t perfect for everyone, sure, it could do with “this” feature and maybe it would be nice if it did “that” thing, which we’re releasing it out of the doors of our laboratory for free. Importantly though, it’s perfectly stable and accomplished exactly what it needed to do – recall the state of the Ableton Live set for different songs within the Plastikman Live show. The lesson learned and confirmed here was that a clearly defined goal, and short deadlines, really helps to get a working plug-in out the door and on stage, FAST!

Enjoy Kapture, use it “as is” or feel free to get stuck in and tweak it to fit your needs. Oh, and be sure to show us what you’ve done with it – we can’t wait to see the results.


Download Kapture here.
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5 Responses to Kapture released / Thoughts on custom software development

  1. ShelLuser says:

    There’s an error in your javascript file though I’m not sure if this also manifests itself on Mac, yet it does on my Windows Vista environment.

    After the first section of the init function a large bunch of high ascii’s start to appear causing my M4L environment to stop parsing it. Thus resulting in a syntax error and a warning that the init function could not be found after I pulled in the patch.

  2. Nick Bugayev says:

    Kapture has been thoroughly and repeatedly tested on OS X.

    Thanks for the bugreport. Kapture was not quite as extensively tested on Windows, I assumed the js virtual machine would always be identical on Mac and Windows. Will look into this. For more information and followup, please come along to the Liine Forum: http://liine.net/forum

  3. Andrei says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I’ve always wanted something similar – but lacked the coding skills to do it 🙂 Saving and loading different versions of the same Live Set using the conventional Save/Open method with different variations is quite time consuming, and pretty slow too. It’s a life saver for me.

    By the way, hope you don’t mind, i did a little article on my blog about this.



  4. Nick Bugayev says:

    Windows support should be fixed now, go download version 1.0.1

    Please report back! 🙂

  5. Raymond yong says:

    Hey.. Just wanna share something I tried out in ableton + livecontrol 🙂

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