Granular Synthesis on the iPad

Part of the Liine team are working with a well known UK techno producer on a top secret new music/art project. One of our immediate goals has been to find a way to integrate granular synthesis in Ableton Live and use Griid alongside another controller to mashup the sound. Also, it’s really important for us to keep the notion of a rhythmical pulse rather than something totally abstract, so Max for Live is looking like the ideal solution as it integrates seamlessly with the clock from Live. I can’t go more into details, but along the way, I have come across a really cool little App for the iPad called Curtis.

Curtis for iPad

I’ve been using granular synthesis since my university days. While the principle behind this technique will obviously never change, it’s really interesting to see a new way to control the effect, with super intuitive graphical feedback. With ‘Curtis for iPad‘, there’s no numbers, no percentages, just a pretty representation of the waveform and an inviting GUI. If you’re any sort of electronic musician: it’s a great tool (you can drop in your own WAV files!). If you know nothing about music, it’s a super fun toy. Fun for the whole family indeed.

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