Eliss – aesthetic inspiration


Today an insight into something which has influenced Griid‘s aesthetics.

Sometime last year when my iPod Touch was brand new I downloaded a cool yet super-abstract game called Eliss. The game features coloured circles which can not be allowed to touch their differently coloured acquaintances but will happily merge with their same coloured comrades. To win the game, circles need to be placed into wormholes of the same colour and of the appropriate size (if they’re too big they won’t fit!). It’s good, clean, unusual fun.


The thing that strikes me more than the gameplay (I’m personally not much of a gamer) is the aesthetics. It looks simultaneously old-school and retro yet futuristic and stylish. The overtly two dimensional feel, super-sharp one-pixel lines, absence of colour gradient and slick animation gives it a very distinctive feel. Most of all, this really makes playing with Eliss a lot of fun.

Eliss is currently iPhone/iPod Touch only but the low-fi feel actually looks just as nice blown up in compatibility mode on the iPad. It also makes it even more enjoyable to play  -you can actually squeeze several people around the iPad to play at the same time!


We will definitely continue to explore the aesthetics of Griid in future. We always want Griid to feel fun and playful, as well as being the most serious, professional controller for Ableton Live on iPad/iPhone. We’ve talked before about our focus being on the quality of user-experience rather than being purely featureset-driven, and part of this is definitely how it looks and feels.

Check out Eliss here

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