Hello from Liine


Well hello, and welcome to our blog.

Things have been absolutely crazy since those first iPads arrived at the door back in April (and much before that too to be honest).

After the excited unboxing and first play with what is, after all, a really cool device, it’s been heads-down all the way.

There’s been the brainstorming, the crazy ideas and scribbly diagrams, debates over tiny details. There were those first exploratory Plastikman shows. We’ve stayed in a small confined space, building the control system we’ve always dreamt of from morning until… morning again… every day. We’ve all developed the ability to sleep one hemisphere of the brain at a time (just like dolphins!) so we never have to be completely down for more then 3 or 4 hours at a time. During this whirlwind period we only really came out for two-hour flash-clubbing sessions to see friends’ sets and the very occasional big party to let off steam after a big show or a big breakthrough – but we’ve been pretty strict with ourselves. Ask any of our friends who thought we’d turned into hermits! Etienne developed a love affair with a drink called Club Mate and became the most efficient caffeine to code convertor ever. He’s even been known to put vodka into at weekends (though we didn’t let him do that too often), making it a drink for working and…well, not working!


It’s been really exciting following what else is going on in the field. We’ve seen a lot of exciting, innovative Apps being put out there which has definitely motivated us even more.  It’s been super-exciting working in such a dynamic area and seeing everyone’s different visions and directions. I think that with this kind of project, somewhere between art and technology, the teams’ personalities can really shine through, meaning that everyone’s product ends up being very unique. Our own philosophy is to focus on a limited feature set, and spend hours and hours working out how to do those specific things really well. We’re primarily interested in the user-experience and the feel of performance systems during the performance itself, and we want people to use our work to augment their other tools. I have the feeling that with so many talented people working in the field, things will get very interesting.

One late night we submitted to Apple. By then we had so much steam to let off that Nick, our usually very composed creative director, ended up (still awake far too long after that late submission) trying to trigger clips and scenes on my face. I think the whole team was very tired.

Griid finally landed early this morning, Thursday 5th August, 2010. Check it out here!

Now it’s time for one night off. If you’re in Berlin tonight, come and catch us at Bar25 if you fancy a drink and a chat!

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6 Responses to Hello from Liine

  1. mao mao says:

    coffeine-to-code converter is (c)

  2. It was artistic re-interpretation – bit like sampling classic old records y’know? 🙂 Just call me DJ Shadow

  3. Ilan Kriger says:

    Hello guys,

    Wicked app!! i just loved it!! I did already one blog post at my site: http://www.ilankriger.net/producao-musical-live-pa-dj-e-vj/griid-a-venda-na-app-store-controladora-do-ableton-live-para-ipad-sera-que-ele-vai-revolucionar/ (in Portuguese).

    I did a different and much more faster connection between my iPad and my Mac Book, please send me one e-mail for ilan@aimec.com.br, i can send you the complete tutorial – it will speed up the first connection for the users.

  4. cam says:

    Wicked work Wino mashups, dem slupta massive be lovin’ the new App, bravo for battling through and getting done, we all owe you boys a debt of gratitude.

    And Botto was his name(o)!

  5. tchan says:

    this works well in conjunction with the lemur + mu 🙂
    where can we post bug reports & feature requests?
    or should we simply send via email?

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