Griid / Miixer tutorial – High resolution Ableton Live controller

This little video shows you exactly what the Miixer module can do. Put on your headphones and enjoy the groovy beats!

Find out all the details about Griid – the iPad Ableton Live controller app

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How to control the controller – Griid for Ableton Live and iPad gets documentation

The Griid (and Griid Pro) manual is finally out there. No more will you wonder how to open the clip editor or where exactly is the stop all button!

Griid controller app for Ableton Live and iPad / iPhone - User Guide PDF

Download the Griid user guide and get the most out of your iPad and Ableton Live.

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So many Ableton Live iPad controller apps, so little time!

I’ve been getting quite a number of emails from users interested in using their iPad or iPhone as a controller for Ableton Live but confused about all the app options. I thought it would be interesting to explain in one short article the differences between Griid, Griid Pro, Kapture, Kapture Pad and LiveControl. I’ll give a short summary and a few bullet points about each app. By the end of this article, you should be able to know which app is right for you as a controller for Ableton Live, whether it’s in the studio or performing on stage with your iPad.

Our goal with controller apps is twofold. The first goal is to make your controller feel like an instrument. The second is to extend Ableton Live and let you do things that are normally impossible.


Griid was created to be the smoothest and most reliable clip launcher. The devil is in the details and Griid is all about the subtle difference which frees your mind to concentrate on music, not pushing buttons.

We worked extra hard on the graphics engine to get the smoothest possible scrolling feeling. Track, clip and scene names and colors are a given. We put in an option to increase the font size and you can zoom the clip grip to fit exactly how many tracks and scenes you want to see. We even made an Overview mode to view the entire Live set. You can tap the track header and the view jumps to the scene offset where this clip is located.

Scrolling and clip launching are controlled in different areas of the interface. A clip launch is detected immediately when you tap the screen. There is literally zero pause as there is no gesture to analyze: you touch, you launch. You can also swipe horizontally across to launch a few clips in a scene, but not the whole scene.

In short: we focused extra hard on all the details to give you the best clip launcher we could imagine. Compared to the days when each hardware controller was an investment of several hundred dollars, the price of an app means you don’t need to choose one Ableton Live controller app or another! You can buy every single app you need, and as an app developer we have the freedom to make a precise tool to do exactly the right job.

  • Griid works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • Griid is a clip launcher.
  • Griid does not require Max for Live.
  • Griid does not include Cliip or Miixer, but both will soon be available as In-App purchases.
  • Griid has been used by Plastikman, Avril Lavigne’s band, Luciano, Drumcell, Xhin and countless other artists as their clip launcher.

Launch Ableton Live clips from your iPad / iPhone

Griid Pro

There’s two main questions I want to answer here. First, what is the difference between Griid and Griid Pro? And second, what is the difference between LiveControl and Griid Pro?

The difference between Griid and Griid Pro is that Griid Pro includes the Cliip MIDI editor / step sequencer and Miixer modules. In addition, future modules will be included in Griid Pro for free or offered at a  heavily reduced price. Griid Pro is Liine’s controller suite for Ableton Live and of course it works on both iPhone and iPad.

The differences between Griid Pro and LiveControl are several. LiveControl is actually a TouchOSC template (albeit a very, very fancy one). LiveControl is free, but requires you to purchase TouchOSC. The installation for LiveControl is a little bit more complicated. The graphics engine for Griid Pro was built from scratch specifically for the purpose of controlling Live. LiveControl is built in TouchOSC and uses TouchOSC objects.

Griid Pro has a MIDI Clip editor (aka the step sequencer) and a mixer module called Miixer. Cliip is the only smoothly scrolling, zoomable MIDI editor for Ableton Live. You can edit notes straight on the grid, or you can turn off quantization.It works on iPad and even iPhone and iPod Touch.

LiveControl also has a step sequencer MIDI editor, but since it is built on TouchOSC objects, there is no smooth zooming and scrolling. There is no options for quantizations.

  • Griid Pro works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • Griid Pro is a clip launcher, a step sequencer and a mixer.
  • Griid Pro’s mixer is customizable: you can choose any fader on any fader in any combination.
  • Griid Pro does not require Max for Live or TouchOSC
  • LiveControl is free, but requires TouchOSC.
  • LiveControl is customizable, if you’re willing to get into Python programming or editing the TouchOSC template.


TouchOSC is a universal iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad application that lets you send and receive Open Sound Control messages over a Wi-Fi network using the UDP protocol. Out of the box, TouchOSC is a completely blank slate. You can use the free editor to make any template you want. It is 100% customizable. TouchOSC is NOT a Liine app.

OSC is an acronym for Open Sound Control. It’s a protocol for communication among computers, sound synthesizers, and other multimedia devices. It could be described as modern version of MIDI. In practice, it lives alongside MIDI quite happily. MIDI isn’t going anywhere, but more and more developers are supporting OSC. Ableton Live does not support OSC natively, but the LiveAPI and later LiveOSC (which turned into LiveControl) project added OSC support.

  • TouchOSC will let you control any piece of hardware or software that accepts OSC.
  • Some software, like MaxMSP, Pure Data or Osculator will translate OSC to MIDI.
  • LiveOSC is a Python script that adds OSC support to the Live API.
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Steve Ferlazzo (Avril Lavigne Band) testing out Griid

Steve Ferlazzo, keyboardist for the Avril Lavigne band, is using Griid Pro on his iPad to control Ableton Live. He was kind enough to send us in a picture of his first test setup as he and the band are gearing for the world tour. You can see Griid Pro here sitting comfortably in front of one of his synths. Thanks Steve!

Find out more about controlling Ableton Live from your iPad

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Happy 2011!

Happy new year. So the parties are over and the Liine machine is now running at full speed to bring you the best new music and music control apps in 2011.

The last month of 2010 saw the release of two exciting new Liine products:

Remiix Plastikman Replikants allows music fans to remiix, combine and transform music by Richie Hawtin’s legendary Plastikman alter-ego. It’s first in a series of Remiix apps which we’ve lined up with some incredible artists.

Cliip, the groundbreaking new module for Liine’s flagship Ableton Live controller, Griid, finally lets you get INSIDE the clip. It’s the only iPad controller that lets you seamlessly edit MIDI clips. Hugely inspirational in the studio or live on stage.

Here is just some of the early feedback from our users on Twitter and iTunes…


“Just tried out Cliip. Now picking up the few remaining fragments of my mind…” – liamdunne, Twitter

“This #Griid app is just amazing. I guess I won’t have to travel with heavy sh** anymore. Goodbye cables, dc adapters and all that…” – 2nddisc, Twitter

“the midi clip editor is a total game changer” – Djfrank99, iTunes Canada

“Griid + Cliip + LiveControl = The  best iPad controllers that lets you edit,control and create music with ableton live 8.2.”  – Shedo’s music, iTunes Belgium

“Eine elegantere Lösung zur Kontrolle der DAW von Ableton werden Sie nicht finden. Mit dem Aktuellen Update (Cliip […]) macht diese bemerkswerte App einen großen Schritt nach vorne!” – LordDread, iTunes Germany


“@rhawtin Remiix is THE best iPhone app. Ever! Been just grooving for past hour. Genius.” – Naughtyaudio, Twitter

“My mind is frickin blown by the Remiix Plastikman Replikants app! If you haven’t yet Download it now!!!” – Midgelette, Twitter

“This app gives us a glimpse of a future where all music will be interactive and “making music” will be as easy & fun as cooking a cup of tea.” – Samim 23, iTunes Switzerland

“As a big dance music lover this app really presses my buttons, amazing when you plug into a soundsystem / headphones – those guys have really packed a powerful music machine behind a very clean & intuitive interface. Probably my favourite app at the moment :)” – Jaz1234567890, iTunes UK

“en unos minutos te parecerá que estas en pleno directo de Plastikman!” – Knedo, iTunes Spain

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Test tubes are bubbling over …

The past month has been especially busy with multiple ongoing projects at Liine, catering to both music professionals and fans alike!

Recently, we’ve let some news out about Liine’s first in a series of very special music apps, Remiix. Featuring Richie Hawtin’s Plastikman (no 1 in Resident Advisor’s 10 Top Live Acts of 2010 and no 2 in their 100 Top DJs of 2010) as the first in a series of Remiix artists, stay tuned for some top notch interactive music on your iDevices! Have a little preview by checking the XLR8 feature and keep an eye on the upcoming Remiix website (!


On the Griid side of things, exciting new things are down the road. Can you guess the first of these from the mysterious cropped screenshot below?


As always, at Liine we are focused on innovative controller interfaces that use multitouch in the way that multitouch does best. I’m sure this new module will be lead to some serious sparks of creativity in studios and stages around the globe.

Of course, this is absolutely not the bottom line (no pun intended), we’ve got a lot more coming down the pipeline too!

Until then if you are up for some interesting reading, check out the Liine coverage in the past two Future Music Magazines. The November edition contains a review of Griid, the Ableton Live controller for the iPhone and iPad. The December edition has a full feature on Plastikman Live with interviews with Richie Hawtin, including notes about his use of Griid has a live performance tool and other Liine creations such as Kapture, a Max for Live device that acts as a total recall for your plugin parameters, an invaluable tool that fills in a big gap in anyone’s Ableton Live set (included on the covermount  DVD and downloadable here).


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Goodbye JazzMutant

Yesterday JazzMutant announced the end-of-life of the truly revolutionary Lemur controller.

This company were leaders in our music technology world and created a product that was years ahead of its time. I remember the day I received my new Lemur nearly 5 years ago it changed the way I thought about music controllers for ever. Finally we had a controller which was truly dynamic and could adapt to my needs.


Read Peter Kirn’s obituary on Create Digital Music here or the touching word of thanks from Antonio Blanca, expert sound designer and creator of some of the most innovative Lemur control templates I’ve yet seen here.

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Virtual patching

I must admit I was skeptical about Korg‘s iPad offerings when they came out with the iElectribe. Any doubt evaporated yesterday when I eagerly downloaded iMS-20 the moment it was released.


I’ve never owned a modular synth, but this is the next best thing. I’ve tried editing modular emulations on the computer, and clicking around with the mouse to patch the cords is very tedious. Doing the same thing with multitouch is a world’s difference. It’s quite an achievement that something as physical as a modular synth actually translates well onto a touch screen! The interface is a pleasure to use, and they even implemented the zoom function I was hoping for.

Beyond the ease of us, I am seriously impressed by the sound quality. The sounds are crisp, raw, dirty and very satisfying. I highly recommend this to anybody with an interest in analog synthesis, whether you’re an old pro or just getting into synths for the first time and want to learn what it’s all about.

You can pick up your own virtual Korg MS-20 here.

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Konkreet Labs demo in Berlin…

This week the Liine team went to a really interesting public demo event in Berlin.

Why Berlin is such a hotbed for music touch control at the moment I don’t know but this looks really great!

Konkreet Labs have come up with a MIDI/OSC controller which offers some really interesting methods of control with a strong aesthetic design.

Check out the vid for Konkreet Performer below. Available early 2011, maybe this will make a brilliant companion App for Griid?

Good luck Konkreet Labs, we look forward to seeing more.

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Kapture released / Thoughts on custom software development

plastikman-kapture-max for live-minus-liine

The Kapture Max for Live plug-in developed alongside Richie Hawtin for his Plastikman Live tour was released, in association with Minus, today. Putting the release package together got me thinking about the development process we went through last February.

There are two common mistakes people can make when coding in Max. Either you spend too much time reproducing functionality that already exists in another software, or you spend too much time extending the patch, adding functions and it all becomes too complicated to use.

One of the interesting things about developing Kapture was how clear the needs were, and how short the deadlines were. The needs were very clear as the whole Ableton Live set for Plastikman Live was already nearly complete and ready to go. The deadlines were very short as the premiere was coming up soon at Timewarp. Developing software in these conditions is very challenging, but also very rewarding. We literally did not sleep for several days at the “dress-rehearsal” in Mannheim, squeezing in beta testing (and fixing!) of Kapture between sonic blasts and mesmerising video calibrations and tests. Coding while your ribcage is rattling to bass is quite an experience!

Kapture isn’t perfect for everyone, sure, it could do with “this” feature and maybe it would be nice if it did “that” thing, which we’re releasing it out of the doors of our laboratory for free. Importantly though, it’s perfectly stable and accomplished exactly what it needed to do – recall the state of the Ableton Live set for different songs within the Plastikman Live show. The lesson learned and confirmed here was that a clearly defined goal, and short deadlines, really helps to get a working plug-in out the door and on stage, FAST!

Enjoy Kapture, use it “as is” or feel free to get stuck in and tweak it to fit your needs. Oh, and be sure to show us what you’ve done with it – we can’t wait to see the results.


Download Kapture here.
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